Full Scale DVD: Colour, Light, Movement, Sound!

There’s a few great Perth bands, now broken up, that I really miss – who remembers the T-Cells? Headshot?  – but the real tragic story is Full Scale.

Dave and I saw them live a few times back when they were Full Scale Deflection, based in Perth. I even have the FSD CD and the “Go Slow” tshirt. They had a bit of a lineup change – including the addition of Matty Crute, who was working as a web developer in the same company as Dave and I – and moved to Melbourne. They got a record deal, went to the US, and that’s when things fell apart for them. For a band with such talent it was a real shame.

I read today that a documentary about the rise and fall of Full Scale has been released on DVD, with a launch party at The HiFi in Melbourne, attended by all four former band members. Reading the FasterLouder review certainly got the memories going and I was pleased to see that the DVD was available online (and via PayPal, which is not real money anyway). I ordered me one, and will report back once it arrives.

~ by goat_admin on October 6, 2008.

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  1. Thanks for your support. Look forward to hearing your thoughts on the DVD.

  2. is the dvd still available to buy?

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