Oooh, pretty.

So here we are, – pretty! I’m quite excited to be here, oddly. Take note: it’s amazing what a bit of viral closed-beta gmail-esque marketing can do for you.

Introductions? I’m a web developer from Perth, Western Australia. I split my time between ColdFusion coding, web standards, search engine optimisation and general other stuff. I’m also involved in an obscene number of industry organisations and user groups – Port80 (the Australian web industry association), the ColdFusion User Group of WA, the Web Standards Group, and Web Women.

I’m also a big fan of blogs. I collect them, in a way – I have a ColdFusion blog and a WordPress-powered web standards blog, which have been shamefully neglected over the last few weeks (stupid work). I maintain a WordPress-driven site for Triple S – an educational nonprofit organising science events for local students – and have been playing with another, more graphical layout for a music blog I would like to start.

So what am I gonna do with this one? I’m trying really hard to keep my CF and web standards blogs strictly on topic. I’d like to be a bit less mindful here. I’m off to Web Essentials in a few days so there’s lots of geeky goings on that I would like to write about. So we’ll just have to see what happens!

~ by goat_admin on September 23, 2005.

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