Back from WE05

What a blast. The best conference I’ve ever been to (and no, it wasn’t the first). But I’ll talk about that elsewhere.

Nik Markovina at the Paddington MarketsOn Saturday (the day after WE05 ended) Nick, Kara and I ventured out to Sydney’s Paddington Markets. Lots of cool and interesting stuff, including some great photos including some printed on canvas which looked fantastic. But by far the coolest art was by a guy named Nik Markovina. Beautiful, dark and very twisted prints of what I think are oil originals. I bought Dave a small print of a representation of Sydney, complete with a fang-enhanced Opera house, snarling train and sleazy King’s Cross vendor. I wish I’d had room in my suitcase for something larger. He also had some metal sculptures – Nick was very keen to get a spiky tissue box cover for his better half, but unfortunately taking it back to Perth on the plane would not have been practical.

Of course I asked Nik if he had a web site, and as it turned out he had one at one point, but lost it due to domain name scammers. I did find it on the wayback machine though, on Kara’s suggestion – so check out the archive of, there are some awesome samples of some of his work there. To get it though, you have to visit the Paddington Markets in Sydney.

More cool stuff as I think of it.

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  1. Hi,

    I was in Paddington Market in Sydney last Saturday and I Nik’s artworks. I was instantly in love with them, and regretting why didn’t I buy more of his arts.
    Now I’m back in Melbourne and hoping I could find his website but none of the link seems to be working.
    Do you happen to know any other Nik’s website that I can go to. I would really love to drop an e-mail to him and buy more of his artworks. Thanks mate.


  2. Sorry Devina – it was up for a while but looks like not any more πŸ™

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