Perth bloggers need a collective noun

The Brit Pack have a cool name. Us Perth Port80ians and associated West Aussie bloggers need a collective title too – I can’t remember who thought of it at WE05 (it wasn’t me) but it’s an awesome bloody idea and I’ve been thinking about it ever since.

We need it partly so we can be cool. Partly to keep up the peer pressure to maintain reasonable posting levels.

I’m sure we need one, I just can’t think of any good ideas right now.

~ by goat_admin on October 12, 2005.

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  1. I don’t know if it was my suggestion, it was something I was thinking of before WE05. We need something to keep those poms in check, otherwise they might think they can win at cricket and might even end up presenting at WE06. Like to see Andy Budd and Markley do that.

    If it going to be Oz bloggers how taking a Barry MacKenzie attitude and be “the Ockers” so instead of a pair of underpants our little logo can be based on a gold statue with a terry towelling hat, a dash of zinc on the nose and holding a beer. Or if that is to difficult (read infringing a trademark) a green and gold beer can with a kangaroo on it)

    Trying to do something semi logical with WA Bloggers, WA RSS, Perth Bloggers, Port80 Blogger, P80 RSS ended up with P80 Posee. And no it was not a play on a port80 member’s old nick.

  2. […] What I am looking for is to take feeds from a variety of sources and put them into a single feed or feeds. Two reasons, one is take the feeds from my fellow Port80 members; multiple personality Kay, Adrian, Miles and Myles. So I can use it instead of a blogroll and also make it available to the others in the group and beyond to encourage each other to keep up with regular quaility postings. If you have any ideas on what to call a bunch of Port80 bloggers, Kay would like to know. […]

  3. […] a year ago Miles, Kay, myself and others where talking about about a collective noun for Perth bloggers both on the web and at the pub. At some stage the name West Coast Bloggers, a play on the West […]

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