Flock – first impressions

So today I downloaded Flock, the new Mozilla-based browser for web geeks. First impressions – it’s lots of fun! It’s basically a super-modded version of Firefox, with built-in  buzzword compliancy – bookmarks handled by del.icio.us, a flickr toolbar, and a blog editor.

It’s kind of sluggish – I’m guessing looking up all the del.icio.us tags is slowing it down – but then  again, it is a beta product. The icons are very pretty (they have to be, or the mac crowd wouldn’t even look at it). An interesting point to note is that Yahoo is the default search plugin, although all the usual suspects are present – I’m guessing they were involved with the Flickr integration. I’ve yet to work out how to fire up Feeddemon when the RSS feed button is clicked or indeed if that can even be done, but so far that’s the only thing I haven’t been able to do.

I’m making this post through the built in blog editor, and so far I like Flock a lot. I think I could use it as my primary browser when it matures a little – just need extension support and better gmail integration, both of which I’m sure are coming.

To summarize: Flock rocks!

~ by goat_admin on October 21, 2005.

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