Wolf Creek is an awesomely gruesome movie!

Wolf CreekSo last night we went to the premiere of Wolf Creek, a new Australian horror movie, courtesy of Triple J. I read that it “deserves its R rating”, and yes, it absolutely does. Supremely gruesome!

Without giving too much away, it’s a bit like Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the original version, that is) meets Crocodile Dundee. There’s a big tribute to Mad Max at one stage, and the cinematography is awesome – the scenery is just breathtaking. I’m glad I saw it on the big screen for that reason alone.

In terms of squishy bits, it contains the single most horrifying moment in a horror movie that I’ve seen (and thanks to Dave, I’ve seen a lot). Dave thinks it’s equal to one of the grossest bits in the original Texas Chainsaw, but I find this moment much more disturbing. Wanna know which bit? Go see the movie!

Overall rating? Afterwards I wanted to go home and hug my teddy bear. Two bloody stumps up!

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