The Hoff at the ARIA awards

I sat the whole way through the ARIA awards on TV last night, just to catch a glimpse of The Hoff. Amazing, huh?

What’s surprising is that the ARIAs weren’t all the painful, the people winning were actually decent artists for a change (Missy Higgins, Ben Lee etc) and hey, Jimmy Barnes croaked out his classic Working Class Man and finished with a statement that was bleeped out for almost three full seconds… so whatever he said must have been good. When the Hoff finally came on right at the end, I was amazed to discover that he’s come full circle – he was popular, then he became kind of ridiculous and the butt of everyone’s jokes and now, he’s such an icon of ridiculousness that he’s popular again. Who knows, if he does start his next tour in Australia I might even go along (for a laugh of course).

~ by goatlady on October 24, 2005.

2 Responses to “The Hoff at the ARIA awards”

  1. So, who is The Hoff and why is he important?
    Ignorant, here 😉

  2. That was a bit silly of me, wasn’t it… I didn’t link to the official site:
    Enter at your own risk 😀

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