most sony music is crap anyway

In the fallout from the whole Sony rootkit debacle, John tells us to stop whining and start looking elsewhere for good music. Looking at the list of titles affected, I was disappointed to discover that I do own one – Life of Agony’s Broken Valley. Although we don’t have autoplay turned on for any of our machines so it wouldn’t have affected us.

I’d recommend checking out CD Baby for awesome independent music. All kinds of styles – everytime I go there I find cool stuff I’ve never heard of. In fact, my two favourite albums at the moment – Bent’s Brotherhood of Want and a self-titled album by a band called Tribal Dissent – are both random picks from CD Baby.

On a side note, if anyone has the original release of Bent’s album that actually came with lyrics, I’d kill for a scan of them. My CD has only a single sheet in the case with no lyrics but one of the reviews I’ve seen mentions that the lyrics are hard to read because the text is really small. I would love to know what some of the songs are really about!

~ by goat_admin on November 11, 2005.

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