girls, girls, girls

Geek girls, that is. We’re out there, although as I’ve become fond of saying, we go for quality not quantity.

Catspaw sums it up nicely: I’m a geek. I’m female. Fuck off.

Sometimes though, I feel pressure to be a hardcore geek, all the time, lest I show some sign of so-called ‘female weakness’ and let the girl geek team down. Sometimes I really just can’t be bothered. Like we’re getting a new car this week… well, new for us, anyway, a two or three year old CV8 Monaro. I would really prefer an automatic because to be honest, I’m lazy (it’s what makes me a good developer). I’m not a bloke, I don’t have testicles, I don’t have to prove I can drive by claiming to prefer a manual. I’d like to think I’m above that. I can drive a manual… I’ve driven more weird old cruddy manuals than I’d care to remember, including several nasty old three speed column shifts that are definitely better forgotten. I’m over it, auto please.

But somehow, that attitude just doesn’t seem hardcore geeky enough. I’d better get a geeky custom licence plate to make up for it.

~ by goat_admin on December 20, 2005.

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  1. Please don’t fall in to the trap of even addressing the predjudices of others. Any cool coder knows cool is cool, you don’t have to comply with other people’s so called standards. Girl coders, in my experience, *are* cool. If you start worrying about being ‘hardcore geeky enough’ then you are defining your terms with reference to someone else’s schema. So don’t. Just be you, and keep your own high standards. Which I guess is kinda what catspaw was saying – just the two of you should let the sad loosers who feel threatened by their own insecurity fall by the wayside. Be free.

  2. Thanks snowtiegr… I know that you’re right…

  3. So, you got the automatic or the manual? I’m totally with you on this one Kay – I mean what sort of person needs to prove something by driving a manual car? Well, one of my oldest friends for one, who, in his own words “likes to feel close to the machine”. Yep, he’s dressed up as a metrosexual, but he’s an old skool man at heart πŸ™‚

  4. We did get a manual, but only because automatic Monaros are few and far between. It’s true that it’s a real “driver’s car” and the manual trans *does* add to the “driving experience”… but I can still take it or leave it.

    This is the beast:

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