vinyl is back

B.L. Ochman tells us that vinyl is back. Well, for me she's the fourth horseman (horsewoman?) of this particular apocalypse – the previous three were:

  • submarine instrumentsI helped a hosting client of ours with some search engine optimisation advice for their new ecommerce site for The Record Finder, a secondhand LP store in Fremantle. A week later, we decided to go to Fremantle (to eat crepes at the markets and tour the submarine, actually – check out my photos!) and I stumbled across the store itself. They have a LOT of LP's. More than I've ever seen in one place in my life!
  • I broke my own personal rule about cruising eBay after 1am. I've been desperate to get hold of The Angel's 1990 release Beyond Salvation for a while, but it's out of print and hard to get because there's an international release around, with half the songs replaced by older Angels hits. I saw one going cheap, so I bid on it. The next morning I checked and realised I was winning, but that it was an LP and not a CD. In my determination to land a copy the previous night I'd set my maximum bid high enough to ensure that I wouldn't be outbid, and I wasn't. Even better, the seller is throwing in a copy of Face To Face (another Angel's LP) that he had lying around 'in average condition'. My vinyl collection is growing! I told the Record Finder dude my funny eBay story and he said it was a good thing because LP's really do sound better.
  • Another eBay incident, although not an accident: Dave won another auction on a Danzig Mother single in a groovy demon's head shape. Not for playing but because it looks cool – we're going to mount it in a frame for the wall.

And now Ms Ochman says it's so, so it must be true. Also freaky: her post has a picture of Madonna. I've had to drive my boss's car out to see clients a couple of times in the past week and he has mostly terrible CDs in his car, so I've been listening to the new Madonna CD and I actually really like it. How embarrassing.

So I guess it's time to get a new record player, and get my old records off my mum, although it might be tough to make her part with them, she has hundreds herself. What's next – floppy disks?

~ by goat_admin on April 8, 2006.

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  1. heya – could i be a bit rude and ask how much you bought your Danzig single for? i’m just about to sell mine… πŸ™‚ thanks!

  2. I think it was about $28… they’re not fetching a lot.

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