gmail account capacity

Like many of us out there, I have embraced gmail as the best bloody webmail ever. Tagging is so, you know, 2006. I often wish that Outlook’s categories were a little more like tags. I love Outlook a great deal though, so I don’t wanna hear any Outlook-bashing in the comments, ok?

Anyway, while it’s very cool that the gmail account space is constantly increasing – what an awesome gimmick – it concerns me a little that my usage is going up at a slightly faster rate. This morning, for example, gmail tells me “You are currently using 600 MB (22%) of your 2714 MB.” That 600MB is mostly mailing lists and personal mail – I don’t have many attachments in there. Every six to eight weeks my percentage used will go up by a point. Although I have another 78 percentage points to go, it does vaguely worry me (I know, I’m odd). Are Google going to up the capacity in another big marketing gimmick? Are they going to announce one day in two years that goshdarnit, 512GB of email space is more than anyone will ever need so that’s all you’re getting? Will the rate at which the capacity grows start to increase? Will I stop hoarding mailing list messages in my own personal searchable, taggable archive? What day is it, anyway?

Geeks have a lot to keep them awake at night.

~ by goatlady on April 15, 2006.

One Response to “gmail account capacity”

  1. We’re allowed 200 mb at work. I flipped out when I realized I had chewed up 40 mb of disk space on the Exchange server. Sorted them by size and started ripping through all those lovely attachments of WordArt-laced newsletters and I’m back under 15 mb again. Phew! I can sleep peacefully tonight. I don’t throw away much from my gmail account, but I also don’t have any regular emails except for advertisements to help me with my sh0rt n’ th1n…nevermind.

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