Lumines puzzle fusion on PSP – goodbye productivity

One of the major quests of my life over recent years has been to find a Tetris implementation as good as the one on the 8-bit Nintendo. So far, the closest I have come is an 8-bit Nintendo emulator on the home theatre box. Just need to get a wireless Nintendo-style controller for it.

We have a PSP, but so far games have been pretty average. I just can't get the hand of Tony Hawk, which is weird because I love all the other learn-the-combos sports games – SSX, all the dirt bike games, Kelly Slater Pro Surfer, etc. SSX on the PSP is great, but I've pretty much finished as much of it as I can be bothered doing. For some reason the "must-get-every-last-snowflake-point-possible" bug didn't get me on that one. 

So the other day Electronics Boutique were have a 2 for $50 sale, and Lumines Puzzle Fusion for the PSP was one of the sale items. This game looks Tetris-y enough to be dangerous. While I'm not going to fork out $79 for a Tetris clone which there's always the chance I'll hate, $25 sounded like the right price.

Took me a couple of days to get into it, but damn, this game is addictive! I think the music is meant to be a major part of it – all this trancey doof-doof stuff – but with the volume turned down it plays just fine. Only problem is, Dave played it a couple of times and got three high scores that I haven't been able to beat so far with about five times as much effort. That sucks, or more accurately, I do.

I'm off to try again.

~ by goat_admin on April 16, 2006.

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