surely not winter yet?

It’s cold this morning in my house. I don’t like it. It’s Autumn, it’s not meant to be this bad yet, surely.

Evidence my attire so far:
7.30am Wake up, feed cats, check on eBay auction for PS2 Tetris Worlds (I shoulda just bought it when it was in the shops). Won with 20 seconds to go. Take that! Clothing: Thrown on summer dress thingo. In flush of eBay victory excitement don’t notice cold.
7.45am Start to realise it’s a bit chilly. Add long sleeved Fear Factory t-shirt found under chair.
8.10am Still cold. Add tracksuit pants under dress. Go Fug Yourself would die.
8:40am Still cold. Dig out fluffy, pink, purple and green troll-hair slippers. First appearance of the season.
10:30am Still can’t shake chill. Making cup of tea.

Now it’s 10:50am, I’m about to post this entry dressed like an idiot hugging a cup of tea and STILL FRIGGIN’ FREEZING.

Global warming, my arse.

Troll-hair slippers: First appearance of the season

~ by goat_admin on April 17, 2006.

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