Tetris Addiction

My name is Kay and I am a Tetrisaholic.

I've been trying to track down a copy of Tetris Worlds on PS2 for ages – it's not available in shops anymore and for some reason I never bought a copy when it was available. Anyway, eBay was my friend. Unfortunately now that I've tried it, the game really sucks from a Tetris point of view. I mean, it's good because it's Tetris, but there are some odd things. Fortunately, they are going on eBay regularly for quite high prices so i can flog it off again.

What I did instead was buy a wireless Logitech gamepad for our Media Centre PC, load up a NES emulator, and track down a whole bunch of Tetris ROMS. I used to think that the Tetris game I used to play on our 8 bit Nintendo machine back in the late 80's was Nintendo Tetris, but after trying out a whole bunch of ROMS I've discovered that this is in fact incorrect, and the official Nintendo Tetris ALSO sucks (as does the Gameboy version). What in fact rocks (and what I had back then, on some pirate cartridge from Singapore) is an obscure Russian variation of the Nintendo version, which I have since found. The colours are prettier, the gameplay and music are awesome, and in between levels little Russian dancers come out and dance for you. The higher your score the more dancers you get. When they're finishd the song they bow and walk off again. It's the cutest thing ever. 

When the troika started I was instantly taken 17 years backwards in time. Back to a simpler time, when 1.79 mHz was plenty.

Anyway, I can't sit around here and natter all day. I have another two hundred-odd ROMS to try out. I got to level 23 of Arkanoid already, and I still have Dr Mario, Puzznic, and Ice Climber to play with.

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