Danzig in Australia! Danzig!

Danzig!This is something I never thought would happen in a million, billion, trillion years: the Evil Elvis, the legendary Glenn Danzig himself, is coming back to Australia. They were here in 93 but I was in high school back then, and they only played the east coast. I still have a newspaper clipping from the show.

Have I ever mentioned that I'm a fan? In fact, if I look at every CD in my shelf, all the bands and artists that I've always wanted to see live? I've seen most of those that are still kicking around, ranging from Bob Dylan to Slipknot. But I never thought I'd get to add Danzig to that list.

Of course, he's not coming to Perth – that would be too much to ask. But no matter what, I will be there at the Sydney or Melbourne show. I don't care who or what I have to sell. Right now, I'm trying to think up some amazing scam to get us there. I have relatives in Melbourne so that's probably the show we'll aim for – because we'll be able to mooch some free accommodation.

Danzig Australian Tour Dates – Yeah!

Danzig on Squidoo – one of my Squidoo experiments (don't know how good it is yet)

Anyone got any great fundraising ideas for me?

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  1. […] Earlier today I was excited at the possibility of using the cash to go to an extra workshop at Web Directions instead. Now I’ve heard that Danzig is playing in Melbourne and Sydney at the beginning of September – so sadly, my inner geek may have to give in to my inner bogan in this case, and I may save the extra money for that trip instead. […]

  2. My boyfriend and I are going also, we are in perth too!! GRRR stupid Western Australia… thankgod he’s got relatives in Melbourne πŸ™‚

  3. Your Web Lust For DANZIG = The Possiblity of u being in Melbourne For The GIG AT THE PALAISE, I f U R There I Shall be Wear-ing A Black T-Shirt…..
    The FRONT: No Fatwa Chick’s. (ie; A John Safran Slogan)………
    The BACK: John safran vs god. (small yet obvious..Around inner shoulder blade)
    Below That: Snake Lives. (in faint white marker…)
    GOOD LUCK AND I HOPE YOU GOT DANZIG!!!!(If U Didn’t Get The Movie LIFE FORCE!!!) Or DIe, WenCh!!!

  4. Well I went to Sydney and saw ’em… http://goatlady.wordpress.com/2006/09/14/danzig-in-sydney/

    Hope you guys enjoyed the Melbourne show!

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