Danzig in Sydney

So, we did it: we flew to Sydney to see Danzig.

Sydney was miserable – it rained the entire time. Because we were only staying one night, we had only one bag and one change of clothes so getting soaked to the skin every 10 minutes was not exactly pleasant. However, the show was awesome and well worth the trip.

One thing I did lug all the way over there was my new 350D. I’ll get around to posting some of the photos on Flickr soon (not that grey Sydney drenched in winter drizzle is much to look at). I have already posted some camera phone photos from the gig.

My review of the show I’ve been waiting my entire adult life to see has been posted on Metal Underground. Many thanks to Ben for allowing me to use his story of childhood anguish for a cheap laugh. Go on, read the review and see what I mean πŸ™‚

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  1. […] On the way out, Dave and I had two minutes of bonding with some dude wearing a Danzig I-era t-shirt. I admired his home made shirt and he displayed an appropriate amount of envy when we told him about our trip to see the great man himself. In the post-coital glow of a good show you hug people you normally wouldn’t even talk to. […]

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