Fear Factory and DevilDriver in Perth

I’ve been quite spoiled for good live music lately – and about bloody time! A bit over a week after the Danzig show, and there we are at Metropolis Freo seeing Fear Factory with DevilDriver. Full road report on MetalUnderground again:

Fear Factory and DevilDriver Play at the Metropolis Fremantle, Western Australia

Read it? Good. The bit about the shoe to the head is totally true. Out of the blue (well, out of the centre of the mosh pit), it bounced off my head and into some other chick’s face, and we looked at each other like “where the hell did that come from?”. Would be amusing if it wasn’t kinda ouch.

Al managed to keep his rage in check and only went a bit psycho once (ok, maybe twice).

On the way out, Dave and I had two minutes of bonding with some dude wearing a Danzig I-era t-shirt. I admired his home made shirt and he displayed an appropriate amount of envy when we told him about our trip to see the great man himself. In the post-coital glow of a good show you hug people you normally wouldn’t even talk to.

On the way out, even more good news: both Arch Enemy and Soulfly are doing their own gigs in Perth after Gigantour (headlined by Megadeth and only playing the East coast of Australia). So I don’t need to save up and go to Sydney again, which is good because we may not have been able to manage it so close to the Danzig trip and the Web Directions conference. Next month we also get to see Killswitch Engage. And looking forward to the Big Day Out announcements which are usually made in October.

Yay! Maybe Perth isn’t the musical black hole I’ve been suspecting. Then again…

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