Screaming Jets play Joondalup

Screaming JetsI have a weakness for good Aussie pub rock, and I love the Screaming Jets (warning: great band, very bad Flash website). I missed out on seeing them in 1992 or 1993 or something when they played the Wanneroo Tavern, because I was too young and they wouldn’t let me in. I missed them again a few years later when I got the date wrong and turned up the night after. I missed them a year or two ago when I saw the poster advertising the gig after the date. So I was determined not to miss them this time.

They’re playing five gigs in Perth, so I figured I’d go ultra-local and see them at Maxx Niteclub in Joondalup. That turned out to be a mistake.

First let me say the Jets are an awesome band, one of the few that actually sound better live. Dave Gleeson struts around the stage, pulling faces, performing acrobatics, and generally having a good time. I’ll admit that I don’t know whether the other guys in the band are all original members or not – they range from fairly young and hip looking to um… “experienced” – but they certainly play well together. They played some songs we knew, some that we didn’t, and some that even the band didn’t (according to Dave, anyway) and every number was right on the money. So what was happening on stage was all good and lived up to every expectation I had.

However, I was really embarrassed about the crowd. I dunno what it was, and maybe I’ve been reading too much TSSH but they all seemed so… suburban and inbred? No idea how to behave at a gig. They showed about the same level of interest in and appreciation of what was happening at the front of the venue as you’d give a crap local cover band, until the very end of the show when a few drunks rushed the front and bulked up the dancefloor area. Henry Rollins does a big spiel about going to a KISS gig in some backwater of California and one word he uses to describe the locals – troglodytes – just kept coming back as I looked around me.

Note to self: next time an opportunity arises to see a show in Joondalup or some other area of the state… go ANYWHERE except Joondalup. Other than that the Screaming Jets rocked. They are so good that the fact they have to play to rubbish Wednesday night crowds in backwaters like Joondalup is a tragedy.

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  1. Argh, what a shame/how annoying!

    How much was entry?
    They’re playing at the Gosnells Hotel on Sunday, I don’t think I’ll be going! 😀

    ‘Everyone’ (!) is always complaining about nothing happening in Perth, and then you do have stuff happening, and either nobody knows about it, or nobody goes! I do hope that my blog can help with that, even if it’s just a tiny bit!
    And I think the promoter could be doing a better job (not that I know what they do.. but they could do with a nicer website to start with! 😀 )

  2. […] Tommy Emmanuel is playing at Burswood Theatre with friends, also on Tuesday 10 October. Tickets $60. The Screaming Jets are touring Perth this week, playing at the Maxx in Joondalup on Wednesday, the Leopold in Bicton on Friday, The Civic in Inglewood on Saturday and the Gosnells Hotel on Sunday. Kay saw them in Joondalup and wrote a post here! Singer-songwriter Josh Pyke is performing at the Fly By Night Club on Thursday and the Hyde Park Hotel on Saturday 14 October. Tickets from $16 to $20. […]

  3. […] So I did end up seeing the Jets play. Not at the Joondalup gig which I thought would be convenient, not the Inglewood gig, but Dave, Kay and my girl Gem went to Gosnells to see them. Now, im not one to show much of one emotion(other than frustration), but I think this was a moment where I have been unbelievably happy. Many a childhood dream came true when they took the stage and pounded out hit after rockin hit. Now, Kay mentioned the Joondalup crowd was a bit…. well…. for lack of a better word, embarrassing. Now im paraphrasing here, but basically, I cant imagine the ‘trendy’ Joondalup crowd really being into pub rock bands, no matter how good they are. Im quite happy I didnt get to that one actually. I dont really handle the usual metrosexual, well groomed, stuck up kinds of jerks that often frequent around there. Not that everyone there is a jerk, but ill admit I felt more comfortable in Gosnells than I ever have in a pub in Joondalup. […]

  4. […] So I saw the Screaming Jets in Joondalup and while the band were awesome, the overall experience was disappointing. […]

  5. […] Kay went and saw the Screaming Jets play in Joondalup, about two weeks ago now! […]

  6. I hope that experience dosen’t put you off seeing the jets next time they play in Joondalup or somewhere close by. I have seen the screaming jets live since they supported kings of the sun in 1991/92. That is about a million times, i have had some good times some great and some ok but i will always go and see them live i am addicted to them and their music. You should go to a city next time to see them

  7. Thanks Mandy, it certainly won’t put me off, in fact I went and saw them at Gosnells a few days later and it was freakin’ awesome.
    Writeup here:
    I will definitely be first in line next time the come around 🙂

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