New Year’s Resolutions are for jerks

However, I have decided to try it. Just one, though. I am going to attempt to take a photograph every day. I may not post to Flickr every day, but I will give it a go.

Day 1: Danzig on my desktop

Danzig on my desktop

This was a Christmas present from Dave – an 8″ soft vinyl Danzig figurine. I now have Glenn standing on my desk to help with all of the little day-to-day issues that pop up.

Kay: Hmmm… would XHTML 1.0 Transitional or HTML 4.01 Strict be more appropriate for this project?
8″ Evil Elvis: XHTML is the spawn of Satan. Lachlan can explain why the forces of good battle for the continuation of HTML 4.
Kay: Excellent, XHTML it is then.

Kay: Would using array-style notation to reference nodes of this struct be more efficient than looping over them?
8″ Evil Elvis: While perfomance differences between tag-based looping and cfscript have been next to negligible since ColdFusion MX (thanks largely to the dark forces of Java), array notation would be more elegant and therefore much more evil.
Kay: I never thought of it that way.
So, wish me luck. New photo tomorrow night. Any bets as to how long this will last?

~ by goat_admin on January 1, 2007.

7 Responses to “New Year’s Resolutions are for jerks”

  1. Good luck.. I say.. Two weeks… 14 days… personally I wouldn’t even attempt it… given I never get out of the office that much with the camera in tow.

  2. Ha ha thanks for the vote of confidence Gary. See, the beauty of my system is that I’ve already said I don’t need to post said picture, just take it. So I could fake it quite easily πŸ™‚ Also I don’t have to leave the house to take a photo – for my first one I didn’t even have to leave my desk!

  3. Excellent, XHTML it is then.

    oh man i nearly snarfled* my coffee then.

    photo-a-day… most people slip up within a couple of months, overall success depends if you will allow the odd catch-up day.

    * snarfle, verb: to snort a beverage through one’s nose due to unexpected amusement.

  4. Kay it looks like you are not the only one, Faruk is one of the many others. It is almost the aim of my photoblog project too. Except it is take a photo or scan an old negative (I have 20k of those) and post it on a daily basis, except I am not brave enough to announce it publicly πŸ™‚

  5. Mind you Faruk has not left the house yet either, with some clever shots you could easily shoot a weeks worth in a few minutes… Thinking about it with a restriction you could get really creative…with a flowing segmented series of themes.

    Course you would have to change the Meta Date.

  6. Shhh, Tuna, I wasn’t going to mention that!

  7. Hi, Do you know by any chance where I can get one?

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