hmmm… is this cheating?

So it’s photo project day 5… and technically, I’m posting a photo that I took yesterday. This poses an interesting question (well, interesting for me, anyway). Does this consitute a breach of “the rules”? What are “the rules” anyway and who made them up? If it was me, did I consider this possibility?

I said I would take a photo every day, but not necessarily post it. Is that interchangeable with “I will post a photo every day, not necessarily one I took that day”? Should they be interchangable – “I will post a photo each day, not necessarily one I took that day, OR take one but not necessarily post it”? Is this too complicated? Should I just shut up and post already?

Photo Project Day 5: Mosaic Arch at Mindarie Key

mosaic arch

On February 10, 2008, Gossy and Alex will walk under this arch to get married in front of a bunch of their friends, relatives and possibly also some onlooking fishermen.

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