Bush walk

Yes, I know. Yesterday, Day 7, I didn’t post a photo. Around 11pm Al said “quick, post any old crap” but that’s not in the spirit of the Photo Project, OK? And everyone knows that it was the 7th, and the 7th day is the day of REST, get it, so SHUT THE HELL UP, I was resting πŸ™‚

Anyway, today I made up for it by going for a walk in the bush near our house and taking a whole stack of photos, which I will now bore you all with.

Day 8: Bush Walk

This is the fire break behind the park across the road from our house. Walking down it, it’s hard to believe that you are a mere 300 metres away from suburbia.


There’s lots of interesting stuff to look at!


sign post #1

I saw these cool-looking rusty 44’s just off the track and was going to go closer to take more photos, but then I saw a snake hole just where I was about to step off the track so I decided to play it safe!

rusty oil drums

There were heaps of birds and it was lovely and peaceful. One thing that really annoyed me was how much rubbish and crap had been dumped in this small area. People really suck.

I was quite fascinated by this sign. And there were three really cool looking old trees.

sign post #2

Finally, this is a view of our street from the other side of the park future recreational area. The mowed over it again today – I sure hope that sometime they turn it into a current recreational area.

future recreational area

So am I forgiven for yesterday?

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2 Responses to “Bush walk”

  1. I wondered about yesterday.

    I have a very similar scene nearby my house, but with strange locked buildings deep in the bush and old farm rusty equipment and such. Will go do a photo walk as well. As there is lots of weird stuff out there.

  2. LOL – when I told Dave I couldn’t be stuffed taking a photo yesterday he said “Gary will tell you off!”

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