My vintage Wired magazines finally arrive

more vintage wireds

This is the whole of volume 2 (1994).

I bought them from a Canadian guy on eBay. Postage was about four times the cost of the 12 issues, and they took about five months to arrive. But they made it in the end and I’m happy… I think I’m only missing a handful of issues out of the entire set now. That’s 14 years worth!

So, that’s my obsessive compulsion – can anyone beat that for weirdness?

~ by goat_admin on January 12, 2007.

4 Responses to “My vintage Wired magazines finally arrive”

  1. Hey, that’d be a great collection! I do have a soft spot for Wired, and it remains my air travel magazine of choice because it can usually be happily read cover to cover. The copy I read Perth-London toured in the seat pocket of the car for our hundred-day European holiday.

    Actually speaking of nerdy magazines… Somewhere in a cupboard at home I’ve got the first fifteen or so issues of .net magazine (the UK mag that’s just redesigned/realigned to standards/web2.0) from way back in the days before Netscape.

  2. Heh, for tomorrow’s photo I might take some shots of my shelf with all 14 years’ worth. The thing I love about Wired is you can pick up an issue from 1994 and most of the time, the articles haven’t really dated much.

  3. I loved wired too, just could never get hold of it..

    Two wired pics – Thats cheating using two in a row πŸ˜‰

  4. Heh, I’m going to break down and actually subscribe even though it’s more expensive, Gary, because now that I don’t work in the city it’s really hard to track down the new issues. Borders have them sometimes, air-freight so it’s always the latest issue, whereas newsagencies, if they even have it, are months behind.

    As for cheating, I have 353 Photo Project days left this year, so if you reckon that’s cheating I’ll skip a day or so first πŸ™‚ I did flickr another cat photo as well at the same time as the wireds, but figure that two cat blog posts in a row is completely unnacceptable.

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