Questions for the Australian blogosphere (about trees)

Stupid place for a treeThis blog has seen gig-blogging, geek-blogging, cat-blogging, photo-blogging… now it’s time for something completely different: garden-blogging.

Tying into Photo Project Day 16: here’s a gum tree.

Yes that right kids. I’m not much of a green thumb at all. It’s a miracle the pavers around the house haven’t shrivelled up and died. But we’re about to finally “do the garden”. This is a task that involves getting someone in to pave most of it, then strategic placement of some native plants that are difficult/impossible to kill and require very little water. See, I’m environmentally responsible too!

So back to this gum tree. It has decided to grow itself in a seriously stupid place down the side of the house. It can’t stay there much longer – it’s going to end up taking down the neighbour’s fence, among other things. But I’m a big fan of trees in general and gum trees in particular, there are no tall trees in gardens around our area and this one has four year’s growth up on anything we plant, so we figure we’ll try moving it to the front of the house.

Summoning the collective strength and bizarre mix of expertise that is the internet, I ask the question of my fellow Australian gardeners: do you think transplanting a tree of this size will work? Any tips to enhance our chances?

Secondly, it has a lot of healthy green new leaves, but also a lot with this scabby stuff on it. Here, let me show you:

scabby gum leaves

Does anyone know what this is? Is it bad?

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  1. Transplant, yes, dig well around the root ball, you may have to go down a bit to get it all, If you cut any major roots remember to take off the same on the top. This tree will grow tall it will take out your wall too. Put it somewhere with at least 3 meters either side. Water and fertilise well after you transplant for a the next month. Ensure the sand drains well but.

    The stuff on the leaves looks like a fungus or it maybe a leave parasite. Need a close up of the backside (darkside) of the leaves.

    Whatever plants you put in take into account the reflective temperature of the fence and the pavers. It will get hot in your garden. So the plants need to not just be native but able to take extreme heat.

    Day 14 without the cats…

  2. With all the paving maybe cacti would be an option. Depends if you like them of course.

  3. Well, I was kinda exaggerating with the paving – it won’t be quite that barren. Dave keeps coming up with new funky garden bed designs for the front, so who knows where it will end. There will be some mulch and either some lawn or some groundcover. We’re still arguing about that one (Dave says we have to have lawn, I say it’s a waste of time, money and water).

    Gary, I’ll take a photo of the back of the leaves tomorrow and send it to you…

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