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big fish

signedWhen I was in year 11 I did Applied Art at school – also known as Art for people with no real artistic talent who would like an easy no-stress subject where they get to mess around and have some fun. It was really great. Unfortunately in my final year it clashed with one of my core subjects so I had to pick up another subject where I actually had to work (Ancient History).

Anyway, one of the things we did in Applied Art was create a series of these big murals to decorate the change rooms at Watermans Beach. I’d all but forgotten they were there, but we were meeting a client a few weeks ago at the Wild Fig Cafe, which is directly over the road, and I was surprised to spot them when we were getting back in the car.

I’m amazed at how well they’ve survived – they were put up in 1993, 13 and a half years ago. Although the red has faded quite badly (all the white bits used to be red) on the whole they’ve fared well.

There’s also some proof of my involvement – when I was at school I used my mother’s remarried name, Ritchin (if you don’t believe me check out the footer on my brother’s blog – it’s his real name). I did the fish part with my best mate at the time, Angela Rapsey. Here’s also a shot of the actual location of the mural, and a great one of the view from the top of Watermans – it’s a cute little spot.

Watermans change rooms Trees at Watermans Beach

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  1. I am trying to contact Angela Rapsey she is my half sister. I live in Dunedin New Zealand. Do you have her contact details please.

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