The bumblebee flies anyway

The Bumblebee Flies Anyway is the title of an awesome book by Robert Cormier that I read when I was younger.

Beach bee

And continuing with the “spiders and insects” theme, this is a photo of a bee that Dave took at Waterman’s Beach last week. I love the detail in the succulent plant (whatever it is, I’m sure someone will tell me). Looking at that kind of detail makes me wish we had a really nice macro lens.

Oh, the bit about the Robert Cormier book was just because I was searching for a more interesting title than “Look, a bee”. It is a really good book though, as are all the Robert Cormier novels I’ve read. Full of fascinating psychological quandaries, and although written for “young adults” they don’t treat the reader like an idiot. Ahem. Nice bee, hey.

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