Photogenic rubbish


Over the road from, slightly up from the “future recreational area”, lies a “proposed primary school” site. Right now there’s nothing there – well, in so much as that’s ever really true, because “nothing” is always filled with “somethings” of some sort.

Around the back of the lot there’s piles of rubbish – builder’s materials, bags of clothes, an old fridge, a rusting shopping trolley. Remains of fires and piles of empty beer bottles. Discarded cigarette packets and odd shoes. While the blatent disregard for appropriate disposal of said items is discouraging, at the same time the place is kind of fascinating – I couldn’t help thinking, as I carefully stepped around sharp and dangerous objects, what distant future archaelogists would think of what was found here. What crazy conclusions about our lives would they jump to, based on what we’ve thrown away?

If nothing else, there were some gorgeous textures. I will post more photos from this spot later.

~ by goat_admin on February 2, 2007.

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