so tired I forgot to put in a title


So, today was my birthday. The big three-oh. I appear to have survived.

Many things happened today. Notably, the first Port80 networking event with “mini talks” at the Velvet Lounge, which went really well. Then, Dave convinced me to leave early so we could go grab some dinner, it being my birthday and all. Then, he let on that he had a reservation at “That Little Mexican Place”, a restaurant we had been meaning to try. When we got there, all our mates were waiting. Sneaky.

I’ll write more about both the meeting and the restaurant later, and I have more photos. But right now I’m really tired so I’ll leave you with this funky chandelier from the Velvet Lounge.

~ by goat_admin on February 7, 2007.

5 Responses to “so tired I forgot to put in a title”

  1. Happy Birthday for yesterday!

  2. Thanks Dom!

  3. Like I said last night, happy birthday Kay. My partner did something similar for my 30th. They are so sneaky…

  4. Happy Birthday!

    Mmm, why did Pascal not go to that Port80 thing.. I’ll bug him about it (he did at least finally become a member…)

  5. Happy Birthday Kay! (for yesterday)

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