Perth Festival Overture: Peter and the Wolf

Perth Festival 2007 Overture

Tonight was the official opening of the 2007 Perth International Arts Festival. Hey, what a fantastic web site! I wonder who we know who was involved with that…

The Supreme Court Gardens in the city centre hosted the opening event: firstly the specially commissioned overture, composed by Iain Grandage and performed by the Festival Journey Chior and Tetrafide percussion ensemble, with visuals onscreen from BLINK, a photography exhibition from regional WA.

Then a screening of the brilliant stop-animation film version of Peter and the Wolf by BreakThru Films with the live score performed by the Australian Youth Orchestra. Although it’s for kids as well as adults, I found the film quite scary, and the intensely atmospheric music only added to the unsettling feeling.

Here’s a trailer from the world premiere of the film in London.
The animation is just beautiful.

Being a family event, the evening was quite short – the film is 30 minutes long, and we were home by 10.30pm – but it was a good start to what’s going to be a really great festival program.

I got the big lens out and did some scurrying around the sides of the choir stand, and managed to get a few passable photos of Mr Grandage, Prue Ashurst, the other director of the choir, and the Tetrafide percussionists – just more material for slow days in the infamous photo project!

Iain Grandage conducting the choir:
Iain Grandage conducts the Festival Journey Choir

Tetrafide Percussion Ensemble:

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