More photos from the Festival overture

Prue Ashurst conducts the Festival Journey ChoirPrue Ashurst conducted the Festival choir for part of the evening’s perfomance. I remember Prue from when I was at uni, when she conducted the Conservatorium Chorale.

If she ever wondered why some of her altos were a little giggly at late afternoon rehearsals, it’s because we had a three hour break between the end of our last class for the day and the beginning of the chorale rehearsal, and we used to mostly spend it in the tavern, drinking bourbon, eating Kinder Surprises and making the little toys that you get in the Kinder Surprises.

I really enjoyed chorale (and not just because of the bourbon and chocolate). Because I had years and years of choir training, I can blend nicely with other voices and tell right away if I’m not in tune, but I cannot for the life of me sing solo. During my first year at the Con, we sang Stravinsky’s Symphony of Psalms, which is still one of my favourite pieces of music. It’s spine-tingling, ephemeral and downright terrifying in some parts.

I also like the Kinder Surprise toys although the chocolate is a bit sickly.

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  1. Kay – What became of the pet letterbox redback spider..!

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