…and she’s back


So where’s the goatlady gone, you say? Well, there’s nothing more annoying than a blog with nothing except “sorry I haven’t posted for so long”, usually interspersed with discussions about eating breakfast and toenail clippings, so we’ll leave that aside. Let’s just say that there are things in life that have to come first, so they did. I’ll have to start double-posting to make it up.

The photo above captures Honey in mid-complaint. She has a very hard life, oh my. Firstly, there’s the annoying fat boy cat who is so stupid and slow and stupid, and then there’s a constant battle against utter starvation, and fitting in 22 hours of sleeping per day whilst still maintaining a svelte 2.2kg frame is tough work, even for a multi-talented Abyssinian like herself. Then, goodness me, she’s always so terribly itchy and everyone has to scratch her and well, they’d better not stop scratching or I tell you what, she might start doing some scratching herself.

~ by goat_admin on March 8, 2007.

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