Ageing rockers


Well… it’s not really Guns n’ Roses. It’s kind of “Crazy Axl and his faithful troupe of session musicians”. But regardless, I will get to see them and I’m pretty happy about it. Even got my mum a ticket too, for mother’s day. Considering I remember her cracking the shits at me for playing “I Used To Love Her”, that’s quite funny. But she has very diverse tastes in music (and she’s probably reading – hi Mum!).

Speaking of other old bogans, last week I scored some free tickets to see Paul Stanley (the lead singer of Kiss for any n00bs) at the Burswood Theatre. I wasn’t expecting much, but OMG it was really, really good. He was cool, funny, really quick (joking back and forth with people in the crowd) and don’t tell anyone I said this, but he has a cute arse. He played material from his two solo albums (one recent, one from 26 years ago) and some Kiss classics – mostly songs that don’t get played live all that often. Amongst the big hits were Lick It Up, Strutter, Detroit Rock City, Love Gun, and I Was Made For Lovin’ You.

I bought a Paul Stanley bandanna to commemorate the evening – I decided to pass up the underpants with “I spent the night with Paul Stanley” on them. Mistake? Perhaps.

~ by goat_admin on April 29, 2007.

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