Eight random things? You’ll be sorry…


Gary has tagged me with the eight random things meme. I wasn’t going to bother participating but what better way to get back into a posting routine on this blog than with something completely random? The answer is, of course, eight things that are completely random. So here we go.

1. Chocolate Crackles for grownups

Ben let on that he eats Coco Pops for breakfast. I didn’t think that anyone over the age of six did that. I am of the opinion that the only thing Coco Pops are good for is making chocolate crackles.

Of course, after I convinced Dave to buy a packet in order to revisit the childhood delight that is chocolate crackles, we realised that they are in fact made with Rice Bubbles and cocoa. Not to be dissuaded, Dave made some anyway, with our coco pops and dark chocolate. They were delicious. Next time I will make them with liqueur as well: alcoholic chocolate crackles for grownups. Mmmmm.

2. Dopod838 Pro: ultimate geek phone

About two weeks after getting mobile broadband enabled on my phone, a cute little Nokia 6800, I got sick of trying to reply to emails with a numeric keypad and started investigating geekier phones. A lot of people seem to be lusting after the Nokia N95 but I really, really wanted a QWERTY keyboard, which at the moment (on the 3 network) limits me to the Dopod838Pro or the Palm Treo, both Windows Mobile phones.

After playing with the keyboards, I decided I didn’t think much of the Palm, leaving me with the Dopod838Pro. I was a bit hesitant to get a Windows Mobile device – not because I don’t like Windows Mobile, but because I really like using Google Maps, GMail and Twitteresce on my mobile, all J2ME applications, and I didn’t think they would run on Windows Mobile. As it turns out they do, although not perfectly – Windows Mobile 6 which will be released soon apparently has a better J2ME midlet manager.

So anyway I now have the geekiest phone in the universe. And I’m loving it.

3. Live Music

I’ve been lucky enough to see a lot of live shows this year. In fact, the list is quite ridiculously long, and there’s more to come. I have a ton of photos and videos that I haven’t uploaded yet, and I haven’t blogged about most of them, but there’s a heap of my reviews on Metal Underground and FasterLouder:

Bands I’ve also seen but haven’t actually reviewed include Guns n Roses and Lamb of God. I missed Stone Sour because we were in Sydney for Nine Inch Nails, which has been postponed until September. And coming up I have Alice Cooper, Dinosaur Jr, Heaven and Hell (Black Sabbath with Ronnie James Dio) with Down, The Cure, Bob Dylan, Napalm Death, Marilyn Manson, and the Black Crusade (Machine Head, Arch Enemy and Trivium). Hot tour rumors are Velvet Revolver, possibly with Alice in Chains.

Whew! and it’s only July. Compare this to last year, when there were maybe 5 international metal shows for the entire year.

4. Transformers

As you’ve no doubt heard, the movie that Dave had been excited about ever since it was announced four years ago finally came out. Scott Barnes saw it while he was in Perth for Barcamp and said it was a religious experience. I don’t know if I would go that far but it was definitely very, very cool. Dave has quite a few new Transformer toys now, including the Optimus Prime voice changing helmet. Boys will be boys.

5. Barcamp

Speaking of Barcamp Perth, it went really, really well. Myles did an awesome job of organising and big thanks are due to all the sponsors as well. My presentation was on Geek Ergonomics and some kind soul kept excellent notes on the official wiki. There was a video but hopefully it will never see the light of day πŸ™‚

6. WA Web Awards

They’re on again for 2007. This is the third year AWIA have run the WA Web Awards and this time, we are really, really ramping things up – the committee has dropped down to three committed (or is that “should be committed”) people who can make decisions quickly and the awesome talents of Rebecca and Jan from Red Horizon, our event managers. There are more sponsors, more entries, a bigger awards presentation night at the Duxton Hotel and essentially, everything about it is going to be HUGE.

7. Garden

We still don’t have one. However, my friend Coral is helping us to plan and organise the ultimate low-maintenance native water-conserving garden, and it will be awesome.

8. Pirates

I am totally obsessed with pirates, and not just because Johnny Depp is cute. Also because Verbal Deception are awesome. Pirate metal, yarrr. Check it out.

Seriously, my new computer’s name is Jollyroger.

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10 Responses to “Eight random things? You’ll be sorry…”

  1. See that was painless… πŸ™‚

  2. Ha, I forgot to add that I can’t tag anyone because you already tagged almost everyone I know who blogs πŸ™‚

    Hmmm, maybe Charp needs to get in on the game too…

  3. […] for the Eight Pieces of Random meme and putting it off, Kay pushed me into action by her response Eight random things? You’ll be sorry…. So here are eight feeds from my feed reader, not exactly random as I picked the less obvious feeds […]

  4. “Scott Barnes saw it while he was in Perth for Barcamp and said it was a religious experience. I don’t know if I would go that far…”

    It was definitely a religious experience πŸ˜›

  5. ‘SCUSE ME !

    Not only do I eat CocoPops for breakfast, I eat them whenever I feel like it. I eat them in the morning, in the afternoon, as substitute for lunch or dinner .. ANYTIME.

    What people don’t see is that because they STOP eating them after the age of 6 they become all old and grouchy. CocoPops (or any other fun cereal for that matter) keep you young.

    Shame only that my old friend “Milk” has turned on me after all those years and now I can’t really eat cereal anymore πŸ™

  6. Sorry Kay, I am a Transformers geek. Whilst most teenagers were hitting on one another, I was that lone geek idolising toy eco-systems like Transformers, Voltron etc.

    What can I say, i’m a geek and proud of it πŸ™‚

    As for Pirate Rock? wtf!.. i must get my hands on this as it has to be good.

  7. Ben… most people over the age of 6 can’t stomach that much sugar first thing in the morning. You must be special πŸ™‚

  8. Johnny Depp


  9. Thanks Nick – that’s kinda creepy!

  10. you are hott

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