Nine Inch Nails in Sydney, take two

nine inch nails

Here’s a post that’s been stuck in draft for a long time!

I think I told most people the story of going to Sydney to see Nine Inch Nails back in March. The short version is, we landed in Sydney, took a taxi to the airport, walked to the gig and was told it was canceled because Trent had lost his voice. Postponed actually, until September. So we spent the following day with a client in Sydney then flew home, disappointed.

Roll around September. Annoyingly, the concert was rescheduled to the 16th, which was close to the Web Directions conference but not quite close enough for me to stay in-between.

So, once again, we got in a plane, landed in Sydney, took a taxi to the hotel, got changed and walked to the gig. The first pleasant surprise was that Hordern Pavilion, the new venue, was adjacent to a bit of a shopping precinct with pubs, cafes and restaurants as well as a theatre. So we walked around for a bit, sat down and had a beer, then wandered in to see the support band, UK band White Rose Movement, play some 80’s inspired electro-pop – they were pretty good.

The tension built up. I started to really believe, finally, that Mr Reznor might actually make an appearance this time. And then – there was NIN.

nine inch nails

It’s hard to explain. I was there expecting a great show; what I got was closer to a religious experience. Trent Reznor is truly amazing. The evening went from Nine Inch Nails, industrial rock; to Nine Inch Nails, full-on metal; to Nine Inch Nails, electronic artists; – and back again.

Every song was something special – it’s hard to pick a highlight because there were just so many high points. The electronic section – where Trent and two other band members moved to the front and performed a series of pieces on keyboard and computer setups, in front of a massive LED screen – was pure spectacle, even if the actual music produced was less of the Nine Inch Nails I know and love.

nine inch nails

This was also the infamous show were Trent asked the audience if the inflated CD prices that he had been complaining about last time he was in the country had changed – and on hearing a definite no, told everyone to steal it and give it to their friends. I couldn’t help thinking that he sounded like a man trying to get out of recording deal – which was revealed to be pretty much the case just a few weeks later.

YouTube – Trent Reznor of NIN Says “Steal My Music”

So all in all, the two trips to Sydney – taking into account the two sets of airfares, accommodation, taxi fares and food – we ended up paying over $3000 to see Nine Inch Nails (or a bit more than double what the original outlay was going to be). Was it worth it? That’s a definite yes. Here’s my twitter status message, posted from my phone as we walked back to the hotel: trent reznor: all is forgiven. you are awesome. 

nine inch nails

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