Viking metal


After pirate metal, my favourite “novelty” genre is definitely Viking metal.

Swedish band Amon Amarth are the heavyweights here – we saw them live at the beginning of the year and it was truly kickarse. In fact, it’s still probably the best show I’ve been to this year (admittedly it’s only April).

Here’s the video for Runes To My Memory – a highlight of their live set:

YouTube – Amon Amarth – Runes To My Memory

Today I heard of another Viking metal band – Norway’s Helheim. They are releasing a new album this week and playing at a Norway kindergarten to celebrate. That’s the difference between Norway and Australia. When I was in kindergarten we made artwork out of glittery pasta and did the hokey pokey.

Here’s a Helheim video clip. I picked this one for the Krollster because it has some blacksmithing (blacksmithery? forging? smithing? messing with fire and tools?):

YouTube – Helheim – Jernskogen

According to Wikipedia, there are quite a number of Viking metal bands in existence, mostly from Sweden and Norway. Guess I’m going to be busy checking all of them out.

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  1. Humm Viking Metal… Odin be Praised!

    It’s Blacksmithing BTW

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