Metal overload: Judas Priest touring Australia with Cavalera Conspiracy

So, this has been my evening: we went to see Sebastian Bach play at Burswood Theatre. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant show…. stupid, stupid, stupid venue. There were seats for crissakes (we had second row). And bouncers attempting to keep people in their rows, if not sitting down. Fortunately as soon as the guy closest to us turned his back to deal with some other dangerous person daring to stand up at a heavy metal show, I grabbed Dave’s arm and pulled him around the end of the row and to the centre front, where a group of enthusiastic fans were showing their appreciation the old-fashioned way.

The show was nuts – Baz is a total showman. Dave got some awesome video which I’ll get onto YouTube. I got a hand slap…ย  Yes that’s right bitches, I touched Sebastian Bach. Twice.

Tired and sweaty, we finally get home… and I decide to do a quick RSS feed check before crashing for the night. And what do I find but the official announcement that Judas Priest are touring Australia in September and coming to Perth (September 16), which I actually already knew as it is a FasterLouder Presents gig and I’ll be reviewing it… but what I didn’t know is that Cavelera Conspiracy – Max and Igor Cavalera, founding members of Sepultura, reunited after 10 years and making awesome old school thrash together – are going to be touring with Judas Priest. Seeing as I’m a huge Max Cavalera fan – the only two wall adornments in our lounge room are two Soulfly blockmounts – this little bit of news nearly sent me over the edge, into some kind of metal overload coma.

In fact, I have only just managed to get this blog post written up. I’m off now. But I’ll leave you with this little story: yesterday when I found out that Judas Priest were coming to Perth, I called my mate Gossy – at 6.30am. Now admittedly she lives in the Northern Territory which is an hour ahead of us… but it went to message bank anyway. I left a message along the lines of “call me when you get this, I have the singlest most massive piece of news I could possibly ever give you” and so when she returned the call (and the favour, at 6.30am this morning) she immediately suggested the two most far-fetched and preposterous things she could imagine: “either it’s Judas Priest or you’re getting married”. Got it in one, mate – JP it is.

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  1. Love it! Love how well she knows you that she knew ๐Ÿ˜€

    Dammit, now I have a blog post to write. And I can’t have just one going out to email subscribers, so will have to write more. bah. I want to sleep early again for once. Maybe I’ll have to try the early morning thing again. Did it recently and was ok!

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  3. Can anyone tell me if Priest will be doing and in store signings / meet and greet fans in Melbourne next week?

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