Here, fishy fishy fishy

Rob HalfordAs yet unnamed fighting fish

For Christmas last year, my good mates Al and Gem got me an awesome present: a tank with two Siamese Fighting Fish.

I named them after metal legends: Rob Halford and Ronnie James Dio.

Sadly, Ronnie passed away a few weeks ago. Rob (above left) seemed kind of bored with no one to pull faces at through the glass, so yesterday we went and got him a friend.

The new, as-yet-unnamed fishy is purple (like me). Although fish are a pain to photograph his colour actually comes out quite nicely, although a bit bluer than in reality, unlike poor Rob who is rather iridescent and always looks weird in photos.

He’s a bit smaller than Rob and I can’t decide what to call him. At one point I thought of calling him after another metal frontman also called Rob – either Rob Flynn (Machine Head) or Rob Zombie (who needs no introduction). However, as the new arch-enemy of Rob Halford, I could call him Ripper Owens (who replaced Rob Halford in Judas Priest between 1996 and 2003).

Or I could call him something else entirely. Any suggestions? I would like to keep with the metal theme. All I can tell you about his personality thus far is that he enjoys showing off his fins and eating worms, particularly the lively kind that need to be chased down first. Kind of like every other fighting fish, actually.

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7 Responses to “Here, fishy fishy fishy”

  1. Nathan Explosion

  2. Showing off and a rival to Rob? Bruce Dickinson.

  3. Trent. Because he’s a very sexy… fish.

  4. Purple Haze – not exactly metal but Jimmy Hendrix.

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  6. This is weird….I just buried my beautiful beta…I had him for 2 years….then I stumbled upon this! Maybe you could name him in honor of my beloved Mr. Fischer….RIP Mr. Fischer, you were loved!

  7. Sushi, Sushami 🙂

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