They call me Bruce

Last week I asked for help in naming my new Siamese Fighting Fish. I got lots of good suggestions, both on the post and also on Twitter and Plurk.

In the end I decided to go with Al’s suggestion: Bruce Dickinson. It just seemed to fit – I was talking to them while I was dangling wriggly worms above their heads (yes, that’s absolutely normal) and he seemed to respond to Bruce. No really, he did. Seriously.

Bruce is now well adjusted to his new home, and Rob is not looking sad any more – it took a few days, but now they are flaring their gills at each other in mock displays of bravado for hours at a time. So cute.

~ by goat_admin on June 15, 2008.

3 Responses to “They call me Bruce”

  1. G’day Bruce

  2. Run to the Hills…… 😛

  3. […] in water) brings us back to the Smoljak clan in Perth. Besides a strong love for goats Kay also has 2 Siamese Fighting Fish . Oh Dear – the replacement for Fish 1.0 Ronnie is now named Bruce. Well done! Kay, remind […]

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