Six months of chatting with Aussie Bloggers

Picture: The Forum in Rome. I’m going to Rome. Next week. Heh, did I neglect to mention that? No?

As of this month, the Aussie Bloggers’ Forum has been up and running for six months. Congratulations to the admins – community building is an art and they’ve done a great job of nurturing this one.

The Aussie Bloggers’ Forum is open to anyone with an interest in blogging – not just Aussies! There’s areas for WordPress, Blogger, Moveable Type and other blog platforms, as well as monetizing, blog pimping and using social media. But the real fun is in the Kaos and Mayhem forum, where pretty much anything goes. Some of the longest (and still) running threads are about what you’re cooking for dinner, TV shows like Dexter and how your day is going.

I have a soft spot for forums and for me, sometimes it’s nice to hang out online with people who are geeky enough to have blogs and visit forums, but who are not web developers. Not that I don’t love all you web developers.

Just sayin’.

~ by goat_admin on July 8, 2008.

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