wish you were here, etc

I’m a bad blogger, I know… two weeks on holiday and not a single peep out of me. Rather than make excuses however, or use the The Lazy Bloggers Post Generator, I thought I would summarize the three stages of my holiday so far with some little haiku that I thought up at 4am when I couldn’t sleep last night. So without further ado…


charming, lively, old
pierogi and alkohole
zomg! Dave has a bro

Jesenice, Slovenia

mountains and Laško
friends with spiral staircases
mum has mauve hair too


hot, dirty, crowded
bloody yanks everywhere – but
o-m-g, the food!

Photos and posts when I get back, I promise… internet access has been less than awesome in Italy, and in Slovenia and Poland I was too busy most of the time.

~ by goat_admin on July 27, 2008.

3 Responses to “wish you were here, etc”

  1. Haha! So funny
    Goatlady writing rhyming
    Across the blog world

  2. lol! There better be posts and pictures… or.. ummm… something.

    Also, omg, cool boots!!!
    Have fun in Hamburg then WACKEN!!!!!!!!1
    photos up on flickr btw 😉

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