…and we’re back

Chez Starfish Yes, it’s true. We’ve been in the country one week this evening and it’s been all go all the time. *sigh*

I’ve started the long process of processing all my photos – there were 1900 all up, and then I threw away about 300 straight away, and are considering all the others. 45 have made it up to Flickr already… and I’ve made a first update over at the Hellbent blog.

Now, to scam our way back for 2009 – the 20th anniversary of WOA, no less…


Any Time RestauracjeAny Time RestauracjeOur first meal in Poland!Aladdin Apartmentsthere's a chair in thereit even has the internets!stained glass windows in our buildingour apartment


One of our first views of SloveniaPub near Jesenice, SloveniaCastle on the mountainthe mountains are everywhereLasko, excellent beerTriglav National ParkForest viewWaterfall!RicketyWaterStreamForest floor


cathedralcolosseumwaiting to get into the colosseuminside the colosseuminside the colosseumORLY?spizzicofountain


girly beerbeer with tequilakay and nicolawacken veteranpeeps outside the ballroomhornsyou might recognise these twodave and some other guys we metdave and tony from new jerseydave and nicolahornsthumbs updudenot sure who this isnew buddiesmore peeps at the ballroom, hamburgpeeps at the ballroom, hamburgChez StarfishCrowd warming upWacken - Full Metal VillageMain arenaCrowdParty stage crowdIron Maiden crowdWacken beer

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