Madonna kicks arse: yes you read that right

This may come as a surprise to some readers of this blog, but I’ve always been a Madonna fan… right from the Holiday years (when I was way too young to know what lyrics to songs like Like A Virgin actually meant). She’s a real individual and actual musician, unlike most of the pop star crap that comes out. Plus holy hell, she looks pretty bloody good for a 50 year old, and I bet even if you took all the airbrushing off those magazine covers she’d still look way better than any 50 year old I know.

This video, then, is pretty awesome. It’s a mini Pantera tribute, right there – and why the hell now. I think I read somewhere that her guitar teacher is a big Dimebag fan.

YouTube – madonna pantera cover live (real)

~ by goat_admin on August 20, 2008.

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  1. Damn, video no longer available. Yeah, I love Madonna as well. She’s an absolute pro, and amazing talent, and if you see the way she relates to the people she works with on her tour DVDs, you just get to love her that little bit more. In my dreams I think about doing something crazy and flying off to see her on this current tour in some exotic location 🙂

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