A good year for metal

Looking back, it’s been a good couple of years, in fact. Here some shows I’ve been to and reviewed for FasterLouder in the last 16 months:

  1. Slayer, Mastodon, Chaos Divine @ Robinson Pavilion, Perth (12/4/2007)
    This was the first show I reviewed for FasterLouder – and what a way to start off! Slayer no less. What can I say apart from “it was awesome”… I don’t know, but somehow I managed to come up with quite a bit to say.
  2. Obituary @ Club Capitol, Perth (19/5/2007)
    This show began my love affair with Obituary. They are now one of my favourite bands (and played one of my favourite sets at Wacken 2008).
  3. Nile, Decapitated @ Club Capitol, Perth (22/5/2007)
    Decapitated were awesome (RIP Vitek). Nile, not so much.
  4. Darkest Hour @ Rosemount Hotel, Perth (6/6/2007)
    This band was a surprise – I wasn’t expecting much, but they were so good we bought t-shirts and their CD.
  5. The Beasts of Bourbon @ Metropolis Fremantle (17/06/07)
    Have I mentioned lately that I love Tex Perkins? No? Well, I do 🙂
  6. Marduk, The Furor, Malignant Monster @ Amplifier Bar, Perth (13/8/2007)
    Ahh, black metal.
  7. Napalm Death, Maximum Perversion, Extortion @ Amplifier Bar (4/9/2007)
    Good grindcore. As opposed to crappy grindcore, which I hate. I’ll have to explain the difference some time.
  8. Machine Head, Trivium, Arch Enemy, The Rivalry, Dyscord @ Robinson Pavilion, Perth (28/10/2007)
    Machine Head were good but the set was disappointing. Trivium are “meh” for me. Arch Enemy’s set was way too short.
  9. Megadeth, Static-X, DevilDriver, Lacuna Coil @ Metro City, Perth (10/11/2007)
    Too much awesomeness for one evening. Megadeth were legendary.
  10. Behemoth, The Furor, Nexus @ Amplifier Bar, Perth (11/12/2007)
    Behemoth were awesome, put on a really fun show.
  11. Amon Amarth @ Amplifier Bar, Perth (5/1/2008)
    I’m using the word awesome too much, aren’t I? Amon Amarth truly were awesome. Not sure that anyone else has topped them yet this year.
  12. Korn, Biohazard, Chimaira, Throwdown and Bloodsimple, 15/4/2008
    Korn, meh. But what great supports… particularly Chimaira, although Biohazard are legends and it was good to see them.
  13. Dyscord @ HQ (all ages), 16/05/2008
    This was the first all ages gig I had ever been to.
  14. Soilwork and Atvena’s Wake @ Metropolis Fremantle, 18/5/2008
    Another fun gig – Simone’s first death metal show, awww.
  15. Children of Bodom and Nothing @ Capitol 30/06/2008
    I kept thinking this was after we saw COB at Wacken, but actually it was before.
  16. Carpathian, Break Even, The Broderick (22/8/2008) @ Amplifier
    And finally, not really my kind of thing – more hardcore than metal – but it’s not hard to see why Carpathian have such a solid fanbase.

Tonight was Behind Crimson Eyes, Alter Bridge and Disturbed, which I haven’t written up yet, and tomorrow night is Shihad. Coming up this year still I have Opeth, Judas Priest (!!), Meshuggah, Carcass, Dragonforce, Deicide, The Bronx, Slipknot/Machine Head, and Down.

I can’t wait to see what next year brings.

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6 Responses to “A good year for metal”

  1. Woo! Soilwork was great fun, am so suprised I like (melodic?) death metal! And now I listen to Megadeth on a cassette tape in the car, bugger I missed that! 😀
    Looking forward to Shihad tonight!
    Was thinking about Opeth (tuesday right?), but am probably playing basketball now.
    Definitely considering Dragonforce, Slipknot/Machine Head, Down, Judas Priest. Gah, I like nearly everything.

  2. You forgot the exclamation points and 1’s for Dragonforce!!!!1111

  3. Cool, Deicide is coming. Should be similar to obituary, but better (faster).

    Hey, where can I find out what bands are coming to Perth?

  4. Sorry, I found a place for bands, but I cant find a place to buy tickets … where to buy?

  5. You can find out about touring bands at FasterLouder. Tickets are usually either from Moshtix, BOCs, Ticketmaster, Ticketek.

  6. Thanks Kay. I just found out that Deicide cancelled their Australian tour on the 19th September :(. Dam.

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