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Austrian Death Machine

JB HiFi had a sale. Quite a sale indeed (20% of all CDs and DVDs).

Being a sucker for a good sale and still harbouring a love for shiny thin plastic discs and the magic they unleash (is there anything more special than the smell of a new CD booklet?) I may have ended up with a few new items in my collection.

One of them is an album I’d heard a lot about but was quite surprised to actually see a copy of down here in the wilds of Western Australia: Total Brutal by an outfit known as Austrian Death Machine.  The band is actually a side project of Tim Lambesis from As I Lay Dying. AILD are not emo, despite their emo-sounding name.

Austrian Death Machine is a tribute to the Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and features Lambesis playing every instrument (apart from a few guest spots). It’s bloody funny, “an outpouring of pure testosterone” as described in the liner notes. Action movie-themed thrash with singalong choruses: how can you go wrong? It’s not a tooomor!

Tim Lambesis is described in Wikipedia as “openly Christian” which usually doesn’t enamour me to metal musicians. Dave and I saw him get a “rocking jesus” tattoo on LA Ink (yes, I like the show, ok? Kat Von D is hot, and Nikki Sixx is on there quite a bit, orright?) and to be honest, I thought he was kind of a dick when I saw the episode. But he obviously has a sense of humour and I’m a fan of Austrian Death Machine for sure, and to a lesser extent I quite like AILD, so I’ll try to overlook the jeebus thing. Damn, I’m so tolerant!

The mighty Charp alerted me to the fact there’s another Arnie-themed metal band knocking around, Arnocorps.

Kay: wow, I know Arnie’s cool and all…
Al: …but I didn’t realise it was a genre.

Me either. They don’t seem as totally broootal as Austrian Death Machine, however.

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