Ozzy-era Sabbath vs Dio-era Sabbath

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Yes that’s right kids, someone has made a mash up of Ozzy and Dio singing War Pigs, live, as a duet.

It’s awesome and of course, utterly fake (sorry to shatter the illusions of the YouTube commenters).

Most Black Sabbath fans tend to fall on one side or the other – that is, they’re fans of Ozzy-era Black Sab or they’re fans of Dio-era Black Sab (or they’re idiots who don’t realise there’s a difference, like all the tools yelling out “play Paranoid!” at the Heaven and Hell gig in Perth last year).

Myself, I like both… but only because they are different enough to be separate bands. I mean, who doesn’t love that bumbling Brummie Ozzy? He’s the Prince of Fucking Darkness! And the Ozzy-era Sabbath is all the *really* famous stuff. But Dio… he invented the horns, man. He is four foot nothing of pure metal.

Black Sabbath

Image by En Ami via Flickr

Ronnie James Dio-Black Sabbath

Image by AndreaKnapp via Flickr

Heaven and Hell, the Dio-era version of Black Sabbath that is currently touring, are playing Wacken 2009, which I’m stoked about because when I saw them in Perth I had craptastic seats.

So, I’ve learnt from my Judas Priest vs Iron Maiden post that people like leaving comments when I tell them to pick a side. So go for it: who is more Sabbath to you? Ozzy or Ronnie?

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3 Responses to “Ozzy-era Sabbath vs Dio-era Sabbath”

  1. I’m partial to Dio… Just a bit more metal sounding…

  2. Not mention that Ozzy can’t carry a tune to save his life nowadays. Nor does he any longer possess a sense of rhythm

  3. If we’re talking about Sabbath, then for me it has to be Ozzy. I just think he brought more of a doomier vibe to the band than Dio. Not a knock against Dio, I just get sick of the fan boys who use his death as an excuse to bash Ozzy.

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