Deftones’ Chi Cheng off life support

I just read some great news over at Metal Hammer – Chi Cheng, bassist with the Deftones, is now out of intensive care and off life support.

This is great news – Chi has been in coma since last November after being in a car accident. I posted recently about how glad I was to hear that he was making progress, drifting in and out of consciousness, and about the donation fund that was set up to help pay his medical bills because these days being a famous rock star no longer automatically means that you’re rich. We’re lucky in Australia to have a public health system that is there for you when you really need it. I was in a car accident eight years ago, in intensive care for three weeks and the spinal unit for many more, and even without private health insurance received absolutely top notch care.

So anyway, it’s good to see Chi is picking up and his fans are looking after him.

~ by goat_admin on May 6, 2009.

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