I sold my Karnivool tickets


I used to like Karnivool. The last time I saw them live was at the Big Day Out two years ago, and they were great. They started out kinda metal although they moved a bit away from that later – but it was still always cool music. Plus they are from Perth and there’s always something cool about a local band that is successful elsewhere.

I heard they had a new album coming and they were selling out shows like crazy so when they went on sale in Perth I snagged us two tickets. But then the other week I bought the new album, Sound Awake, and listened to it a couple of times and you know what? I don’t like it. At all.

To me, it sounds uninteresting. They’re definitely not metal at all anymore. In fact they’ve become very “post-rock” and it’s just a bit too prog and wanky for me.

Luckily I found someone via Twitter who wants to go – and seeing as both Perth shows are sold out she was pretty happy to grab them.

*sigh*. I will go listen to Persona now and remember what they used to be like.

~ by goat_admin on June 27, 2009.

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  1. Hang on. The best albums are creepers. It took me about three or four listens to “get” this album but now I love it. Besides live shows often deliver what the album can’t which then gives you a better appreciation of the record. Can’t believe you didn’t go. I agree they’re not “Metal as Fuck” but they are still one of the best bands on the Aussie rock scene. I won’t be missing them when they come near my home town in November.

    • Dude, you might be right. But I just couldn’t muster any enthusiasm for the gig.

      I did give the new album a chance, truly I did. It’s their whole direction and style that I’m finding distasteful.

      On the other hand, the people who bought my tix had a good time, although they did say the new songs were not anywhere near as well received as the old ones – which is often but not always the case.

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