Chick Metal, or Kittie signed for 3 album deal

I like Kittie. I see a lot of crap get talked about them on various metal news sites (yeah, you know the ones) but I reckon they are great. I just read that Kittie has signed to E1 Music for a three album deal – and if they are getting good terms, that’s fantastic news. I’m certainly looking forward to hearing the new album In The Black which is due for release in September 2009.

Kittie have always had the unique ability to be feminine without compromising the “metalness”, if making up words can be excused (this is, afterall, a blog). Angela Glossow, for example, is absolutely fucking amazing but listening to any of her recordings with Arch Enemy, most people wouldn’t know it’s not a man singing – there is no feminine element at all. Other metal bands that have female singers like Lacuna Coil, who I do like, In This Moment, who I don’t, are significantly less metal than they would be otherwise because of the feminine influence.

But Kittie are just kickarse. Other bands I like that fall into this category (awesome chick metal) include My Ruin (Tarrie B is a superstar) and Crucified Barbara (who do a great cover of Motorhead’s Killed By Death). I have a whole collection of CDs by now-defunct chick metal bands too, like Drain S.T.H. and the Aussie group Nitocris.

Here’s some early Kittie – these chicks were teenagers when this was written and recorded:


This one is from Oracle:


And now the title track from their last release, Funeral For Yesterday:


I’ll admit that the Funeral For Yesterday album didn’t have as much growling in it as Kittie’s previous releases and while I did miss that, it’s still a very good, very catchy album.

Kittie toured Australia – I think it was 2001 or 2002 – and the Perth date was unfortunately on one of the three days we were in Singapore. So I’m still hoping to see them live one day.

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  1. Speaking of Nitocris, looks like they’re doing a reunion gig at the Annandale in September this year! Should be good, I haven’t seen them since I tried to follow them around the Sydney Suburbs in 2000-2001!

  2. […] I’ve blogged before about how much I like Kittie. I’m a sucker for *real* chick metal in general but I’ve always really liked this band. They’ve released four albums, each with a quite different feel, and this year (in a couple of weeks, in fact) they are releasing their fifth effort, In the Black. […]

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