Really, who hasn’t wanted to puke on Eddie Vedder at some point?


Via Blabbermouth: SOULFLY Frontman Recalls ‘Puking’ On EDDIE VEDDER:

I’d drunk half a gallon of vodka before SEPULTURA played, so I was hanging out and being crazy and talking shit — and I couldn’t help it, but a load of vomit just came out of my mouth and went all over him. He was real nice: he didn’t care or nothing, he just got up and cleaned himself up and came back — and the minute he came back, I said to him, ‘I need your autograph for my sister.’ She was a huge PEARL JAM fan. People told me about this later, I don’t remember it. His face was just [makes incredulous look], and he gave me the autograph and left!

Max Cavalera, good on ya mate. Don’t feel bad about it – Eddie has that effect on people.

Why the haterade, you ask? I actually really like Pearl Jam, but it’s in spite of Mr Vedder not because of him. Their first album Ten is pretty cool in my opinion – it came out when I was a nasty teenager and had just the right amount of angst. Their next release, Vs, is ok… but their third, Vitalogy, is just awesome. It’s a bit of a departure, because it’s dark, and reasonably aggressive (for a band who isn’t normally, I mean) and really stays with the listener. I can’t comment on any of their albums after that because I don’t own them and based on what I heard on the radio etc they aren’t albums I would pick up – too poppy and happy and mainstream.

I saw Pearl Jam live in… um… nineteen-fuckedy-something… 1993? 1994? They didn’t play any of their “hits” and Eddie thought he was in Sydney and didn’t talk much anyway. There was like one spotlight on the band (despite being in the Perth Entertainment Centre which was, at the time, our biggest venue) and they played all their songs double speed and they were just really, really not interesting. But it’s the rock star martyr act that makes me dislike him.

So good on ya Max. New Soulfly album sometime soon I hear?

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3 Responses to “Really, who hasn’t wanted to puke on Eddie Vedder at some point?”

  1. Dude. If I may call you so. In your opinion, the albums after Vitalogy were too ‘poppy and happy and mainstream’. I’ve had it with this pretentiousness. PJ hardly did ANY vids, and the sales were much lower in the more recent albums.
    In terms of sales, PJ could be twice as big the band they are today. If there’s one band that’s absolutely stuck to it’s non-conformist attitude it’s PJ. They were anti-award and anti-media and continue to be. They’ve even cut ties with Ticketmaster.

    It’s funny you mention mainstream, because if we’re talking in terms of airplay, ‘Ten’ got 10 times as much as any other album. Go figure.

    • ROFL, I was surprised there wasn’t more outrage on this post, seeing as I was blasting Sir Vedder.

      I don’t really care what their attitude is or how much airplay they did or didn’t get, Pearl Jam *sound* boring and whiny just like ever other angsty post-rock band now.

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