New Alice in Chains song

To say I’m an Alice In Chains fan would be somewhat of an understatement. This is a band I just totally fucking love.

Seeing them live at Soundwave 2009, with their new singer William DuVall, was nothing short of a religious experience. I had high hopes but low expectations but hearing those songs sung so true to the originals by a man obviously not trying to imitate the late Layne Stayley brought tears to my eyes, as well as to a significant portion of the audience too. What can I say – it was emotional. I thought I’d blogged about it already but I can’t find it so maybe not. Here’s a clip that was uploaded from the show – just listen to the crowd when the vocals start – that’s the sound of every person within cooee singing their heart out:

YouTube – Alice in Chains – Man In The Box (live)Soundwave Festival, Perth, W.A 02/03/09

So here we are, Alice in Chains are releasing a new album. They released a couple of video trailers which didn’t really give much away, but tonight a song was put up on for free download (thanks Metal Insider for the heads up). Go on, go get it and have a listen. I’ll wait.

So what do you reckon? I think it’s… plenty heavy, angsty enough, Jerry Cantrell’s riffs sound awesome and the harmonies are just perfect AIC. I call a win.

It’s possibly I’m a hopless fangirl though. What do you think?

~ by goat_admin on June 30, 2009.

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  1. Let is be said from the person hating on 99% of pretty much everything.

    “Best thing I’ve heard in a long long time and it absolutely kills.”

    ’tis all !

  2. Great spelling and grammar there Ben … *thumbs up*

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