First video from Kittie’s new album


I’ve blogged before about how much I like Kittie. I’m a sucker for *real* chick metal in general but I’ve always really liked this band. They’ve released four albums, each with a quite different feel, and this year (in a couple of weeks, in fact) they are releasing their fifth effort, In the Black.

This morning “the old blabber” alerted me to the fact that they’ve released the first video from the album, for a song called Cut Throat. It’s the first I’ve heard of their new stuff and as usual, I do like it. The last album, Funeral For Yesterday, had very traditional song structures and not a lot in the way of harsh vocals (in contrast to the previous release Until the End which had lots) and it looks like Morgan Lander is again channelling her inner demon with lots of growling as well as clean vocals.

The song has kind of Motorhead-esque big rock riffs and anyway, enough talking about it here’s the link (it’s MTV so I can’t embed it). Go watch then come back and tell me what you think.

Kittie – Cut Throat

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